What’s CEBE?

CEBE (Spanish Scientists in Belgium, for its acronym in Spanish) is a non-profit organization created by Spanish researchers for researchers in general or anyone interested in science. Our objective is to create and consolidate a communication channel, in which our ideas, opinions and needs as a scientific community can be heard.


CEBE was created in summer 2016 and since then we have worked intensely on giving voice to the Spanish scientist community in Belgium through interventions in events about science policy, professional development, and science outreach activities.

Our objectives are:

– Science policy. Serve as the contact point between Belgian and Spanish scientific institutions, both public and private, in order to reach agreements to improve the conditions of Spanish scientist in Belgium.

– Networking. Establish a scientific community including all fields to share experiences and ideas, and to facilitate the integration of the newcomers.

– Science outreach. Increase the social awareness on science and technology through events in which visibility is given to the work of the Spanish scientists in Belgium.